As one of the world’s fastest growing staffing companies, Manning Global can offer temporary staffing solutions to meet your specific staffing needs as our client.

Manning Global’s reliable temporary staffing solutions offer you the ability to build your staff strength without absorbing them full time, assist overloaded employees during critical times, so you can meet your deadlines. We execute a flexible temporary staffing solution plan that fits perfectly with your expectations, while our comprehensive temporary workforce sourcing and management infrastructure can deliver you the best candidates to your organisation to meet your demands.

We specialise in providing businesses with skilled professionals on a contingency basis, sourcing highly-skilled candidates who are the best fit for your hiring needs by combining cutting-edge recruiting technology with decades of staffing experience. Whether you have a vacancy that calls upon a specialised skill set or require reinforcement during an employee absence, Manning Global’s Temporary Staffing Division can quickly connect you with the global talent you need to keep your business moving forward.

To ensure that we meet the employment needs of our clients, we offer flexible staffing solutions in many industries across all of our practice areas, including: short-term, consulting, temporary-to-full-time, plus freelance/contract assignments.

Regardless of what hiring challenges your organisation is faced with, Manning Global has the experience and expertise to offer a managed recruitment solution to your staffing needs.

Manning Global’s temporary staffing specialists work very closely with both our clients and consultants to understand the requirements of the role and ensure every professional that we submit has the skills and personal attributes needed to be successful within the company they serve.

Whether you need resources to deliver a project or a specific skill set to supplement those you already have, contingency hire is the ideal solution.
As a client of Manning Global we can offer you…

An extensive candidate network

As a result of our longevity, we have established a comprehensive database of industry-specific professionals, and we proactively build this pipeline of candidates so we can quickly respond to our clients’ most urgent needs.

Reduction of labour costs

By outsourcing your staffing to Manning Global, we cover you by conducting research, references, interviews and background checks. Our verification process guarantees our clients a thorough examination of a potential employee’s credentials, thus reducing your time-to-hire and ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Contingency hire

We can supply contingency when necessary to hit key deadlines and cover vacations or other absences. With trained and tested employees, you receive continuity of operations.

Support service

Once we have recruited the ideal candidates for your organisation or project, Manning Global can take care of every detail, including arranging visas and work permits, booking travel and accommodation and operating a fully compliant payroll with payments in the currency of your choice.

Technical know-how

Digital search options

Our mobile and tablet-optimised website is built to adapt to any device, making it easier for job seekers to apply on the go, thus giving our clients access to a greater pool of talent.