Rachael Manning founded Manning Global in 2000 with the aim of supplying cost effective innovative Staffing solutions. 19 years and 16 global entities later this still rings true. To find out more about the Senior Management team, please read below…

Rachael Manning CEO
Rachael Manning, CEO

Rachael Manning is originally from Liverpool, UK, however for the past 20 years she has made her home in Munich, Germany. This is where Rachael founded and set up Manning Global in 2000 from a “one man company” to that of hundreds of internal and external employees and countless Projects ongoing. Manning Global group today boasts over 16 entities globally, with four major office hubs within the EU. Rachael’s main responsibility is to steer and direct the business interests of the Manning Global Group. The group registered a 40% growth rate over the past 12 months with the development of its existing clients and acquisition of new clientele.

Rachael graduated with a BA (Hons) in European Marketing from Leeds Met University and Dip BW (FH) from Fachochschule Bremen, Germany.

When not working with clients, Rachael can often be found cooking, skiing and walking the official Manning Global mascots Gracie and Freddie in the countryside.

Michel Dassen COO
Michel Dassen, COO

Michel joined Manning Global in October 2013 after working in a variety of industries on three continents. His keen interest in modern communication technology drove him to join the fastest growing staffing and managed services company in Europe, Manning Global.

Holding degrees from Zuyd University in Economics and Webster University in International Relations he possesses a wide understanding of all factors influencing Manning Global’s business. Michel uses this knowledge to aid Rachael and the management team, determining the future strategy of Manning Global and continue our growth.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his beloved dogs, skiing, visiting car races and listening to southern rock music.