Manning Global provides turnkey project support globally to meet the needs and demands of our clients. Delivered through a single engagement, multi-source model, our Project Management Team work closely in liaison with our clients to provide a bespoke service that significantly improves conversion metrics and reduces costs.

Manning Global Turnkey project
Manning Global Project Solutions

Manning Global will work with you to understand your business needs and develop a project solution that will help you to deliver effective turnkey solutions – ensuring visibility at all times. Manning Global has extensive experience of service deployment, Project planning and programme governance.

We provide you with a dedicated recruitment team, ensuring all our consultants are inducted and embedded within the culture, processes and methodologies of your organisation. Our efficient and process orientated internal delivery teams can cater for all Project and respective materials required.

Manning Global Recruitment team

Successful Project completion through delivery of

Quality solutions

within customer's budgetary needs.

Manning Global manages all sub-suppliers, engages with Sub-Contractors, processes payroll and takes care of all legal compliance. Manning Global prides itself on having an excellent internal technically trained pool of resources, who it places within the Projects on an “as and when” basis – as per the Project requirements. This partnership driven approach – working in conjunction with external partners – means we are uniquely placed to generate and achieve the set KPIs for your business.

From localised services to multi-country Projects, Manning Global’s experience and infrastructure – together with our industry knowledge – ensures we are perfectly positioned to support you, whatever your Project requirements.

Key benefits include:

• Seamless Supply Chain Integration

• Providing trained internal and external employees to your Projects

• Unrivalled client-centric knowledge and expertise

• Cost reductions and process efficiencies – including the delivery of staffing solutions instantly, at the right measures, to deliver your Project to completion

• Contingent workforce strategies that provide flexibility

• Full Guarantee of delivery within a given budget agreed in advance

• Global project reach, whatever your scope or location

• Full visibility and control of your non-permanent workforce, including temporary workers, contractors and consultants

• Comprehensive governance, compliance and risk management service

• All administrative tasks to be handled by our Project team

• Achievable cost savings and quantifiable cost efficient

• Fair, open-book prices whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality